Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Matte Lips

Here are some tips and tricks we know you will love to ensure flawless matte lips while providing the highest level of lip comfort and color payoff.


Exfoliate. Due to the lack of shine, matte lipsticks are more prone to show imperfections. Before applying lipstick, we recommend using a lip scrub to prep your lips and to prevent looking cakey.

Hydrate. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to your lips prior to applying your matte lipstick. The longer you allow the balm to sit on your lips before lipstick application, the more time your lips will have to absorb the moisture.

Line Your Lips. Matte lipstick is very pigmented, so you want to be as precise as possible when applying. To create a sharper line, use a lip liner to line and fill in your lips halfway to guide your lipstick applicator and help blend your lipstick.

Lip Primer. Lip primers help to provide even and true lipstick colors against the natural shade of our lips.

Apply your matte lipstick. :)

Highlight. After applying your matte lipstick, dab powder highlighter to the middle of your bottom lip to give your lips extra volume and a fuller look.

Remove. If you need to reapply your lipstick, remove the lipstick and start over to avoid lips looking cakey. If you are having trouble removing matte lipstick, use Vaseline on a tissue to remove the color.